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8 Signs To Replace Old PC

1. Cannot upgrade  hardware

If you need to install a new graphics, network, sound or another kind of card inside your desktop, and there are no compatible slots (or there are none left), obviously, it's time to get a new computer. The same could be true for a notebook: If your notebook's motherboard won't support the addition of more memory beyond a certain capacity, or you can't upgrade to a new hard drive or SSD that uses the latest connector standard that your notebook doesn't support, it's time upgrade.

2. Outdated security

This is tied to upgrading hardware but should be noted separately. If security needs to be strengthened in your office, then odds are, most of the oldest computers in use will need to be replaced. They may not support the addition of security hardware (e.g., facial recognition cams, fingerprint readers). Or, an older computer may not effectively run the latest version of its operating system (Windows or macOS) that feature improved, stronger security.

3. Computer  fans are getting noisy

If the fan in your computer – desktop or notebook – spins a lot and is noisy, this could indicate it's dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. But, if you're running the latest version of an application or operating system, these programs could be maxing out the older hardware of your computer, causing it to run warmer than usual.

4. Overall slow performance

This is the most obvious sign – your desktop or notebook runs slower than you remember. If you know malware isn't the cause, it's likely that the latest versions of applications you're running are taxing the hardware capabilities of your computer. But let's break down the possible causes further.

5. Software requirements

Your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements to run the latest version of an application that you use in your work. Yet even if it does, the newest version of this application may run sluggish on an older computer.

6. Newest version of the operating system

The same holds true if the latest release of the operating system for your computer (i.e., Windows or macOS) does not perform as efficiently and nimbly as the previous version. You may need to either roll back to the older version – or it's just time to buy a new computer.

7. Multitasking

Your computer has difficulty running two or more applications simultaneously. You can't jump quickly among applications that are open on the operating system desktop. There's a noticeable delay from a few to several seconds, or an application crashes as a result. A similar issue could arise when you are switching among open tabs in a web browser.

8. Slow startup, shutdown

Your desktop or notebook takes an extraordinary amount of time to start when you first boot it up, or to shut down. This could also be caused by too many applications that are set to automatically load and run in the background of the operating system whenever you start your computer. Or, your computer's hard drive may be running out of space.


Surplus IT Liquidation

UW specializes in data center liquidation projects, both small and large.  Whether your data center is closing or upgrading, and you’d like to sell the used IT equipment, all we require is a list of the items you are selling and we can help you with your IT equipment disposal. We provide you with a competitive offer to buy your surplus equipment and make it a streamlined, simple process for you.

Our team of used IT equipment buyers can help you sell networking equipment of all types. We have experience buying all kinds of corporate used IT equipment, and we can also recycle anything which does not carry any resale value. If data security is of concern, we can degauss, wipe, and/or physical destroy the data contained within any hard drives if contracted to perform this service as a part of our purchase agreement with you.


We have a proven process when acting as your network liquidators and handle everything for you, including:

  • Removal of equipment from the racks

  • Carting of equipment by hand to the data center’s loading dock

  • Packing of equipment onto our truck

  • Transport of equipment to our facility for processing

  • Hard Drive Data Destruction services via erasure and/or physical destruction to DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 standards

  • Major brands purchased include Cisco, Procurve, HP & Dell Blade Servers, and more

  • Sell used data center IT equipment

  • Buyers of used LCD monitors

  • Buyers of used Cisco phones, including Nortel and some other major brands

UW’s makes it fast and easy to sell your surplus IT equipment.  The process of working with us is simple:


  1. Identify the equipment which is for sale

  2. We will conduct a valuation of your assets to determine the secondary market value

  3. We take care of the shipping process to our facility, or to our customer’s location

  4. You receive prompt payment for your equipment according to the terms which we agreed to

Surplus IT Liquidation
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