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Our solutions are flexible enough to be custom-built or standardized. Integrated internally or brought onsite. Run by your team or with help from ours.

Electronic recycling solution

UW Solutions Include:


  • Enterprise & Data Centers IT Asset Recovery, Management and Inventory Controls

  • Data Destruction by Certified Software or Physical Destroyed

  • Refurbish and Repairs Services—Pre-owned Computers, Servers & Electronics

  • De-manufacturing and Quality Control

  • Revenue Sharing, Re-deployment and Re-marketing programs

  • Logistics Management and Onsite Pick-up Services for Businesses

Why should you choose UW’s services?

  • Electronic sanitization of hard drives and/or destruction: DoD 5220.22-M, NIST 800-88 and shredding.

  • Decrease Costs: Eliminate cost of storing excess, outdated, or used computer equipment.

  • Increase Savings: Value recovery may provide cash back on your computer equipment.

  • Proper Disposal: You may not be aware of how to properly dispose of old computer equipment in accordance with EPA guidelines.

  • Logistics: You may not have the logistics and disposition infrastructure in place to properly manage the recycling or resale of your old computer equipment.

  • Accountability: A single point of contact and detailed recycling documentation.

  • Decrease Hassle: Frees you to focus on your core business.

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