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UW has the experience, the current market knowledge and the multi-channel sales solutions to maximize asset recovery value for our customers. Since we process and resell significant quantities of assets throughout the world, we have an in-depth understanding of market drivers and pricing trends in every major electronics category.


Our remarketing sales channels include:

Direct Channel

  • Targeted direct marketing through buyer profiles of purchase history and future needs

Partner / Wholesale Channel

  • Respected by an extensive group of IT component Brokers ,VARs, systems integrators and maintenance companies

Retail Channel

  • Retail e-commerce stores

We can help you determine whether you want us to buy the material outright, go through a bid process, consign the material as well as explore other creative options to meet your requirements. With our automated inventory reports you’ll get fast and accurate data to help manage your asset recovery needs. UW can provide the highest return possible for your excess inventory items even if you have items coming off lease.


Remarketing division offers pre-owned and fully refurbished computers, laptops or other electronic systems

UW have refurbished computers, and other electronics available for purchase. At any given time, we have like new, out-of-the-box pre-owned computers, or extra parts and pieces to be reused in computer upgrades, building whole systems or adding technology to your environment. Our inventory refreshes daily and we have commonly sold computer parts and technology devices available as well as unique and hard-to-find parts and equipment.

Fully refurbished computers go through a series of security and testing before ever offered for resale. These units are sanitized and can include upgrades to both memory and the hard drive—before being placed on the market for sale.

Wholesales and supports the bulk purchasing of computers, monitors and electronics

UW remarketing and reuse division offers special lot buying and wholesale pricing to qualified companies or individuals. Our inventory includes computers, monitors, laptops and other electronics. We receive fresh inventory on a daily basis so if you’re searching for certain products, or types of material, let us know. 

Recycling solutions, no computers or electronics ever go to waste

When products, in this case electronic products, that can no longer be remarked for use or if the system are completely out-of-date or not working, it can still be utilized.  UW recovers and harvest parts of old systems to make whole new units and end-of-life materials is recycled into other commodities.

computer refurbish
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